Whether you have a manual process or a partially automated solution with Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and reports from your line of business software – or just an idea – let our team of experienced, certified software developers help you develop a better solution to save you time and money and bring your business to the next level of efficiency.

Our development team leverages Microsoft SharePoint and the Microsoft .NET technologies stack as our primary development platform. This allows us to rapidly build you a solution that fits your needs. Need integration with your accounting system or possibly your existing manufacturing application? No problem. SharePoint is built to be integrated with other existing technologies. Complex business processes? Let us leverage SharePoint’s business process workflow engine for your business today. Microsoft SharePoint is the versatile web technology based server that offers numerous features to develop document management systems, line of business applications, and collaboration sites. Blackcreek Technologies offers specialized Microsoft SharePoint development services to meet varied business needs and ascertain better business performance. SharePoint is based on ASP.NET and SQL technologies; it can be easily customized and is compatible with most of the applications used today. Blackcreek Technologies is Microsoft Certified Partner having expertise in Microsoft SharePoint development, customized SharePoint application development, and SharePoint implementation Services.

Microsoft SharePoint Development offers the
following benefits:

Microsoft SharePoint Server is a well-integrated infrastructure that augments server capabilities and benefits your organization in following ways:

  • Facilitates quick, easy and safe sharing of the information and documents, within your organization and outside it.
  • Automates your business processes and thereby raises the productivity of your organization.
  • Enables you to collect business intelligence, information and data from your employees, clients or prospective clients and partners to make better business decisions.
  • Microsoft SharePoint Server provides you with a high degree of interoperability where different people in different departments in your organization can seamlessly exchange, access and share information, and work towards a common goal.
  • SharePoint developers can easily integrate Microsoft SharePoint server with your email, web browsers and desktop applications for smooth exchange of information with authorized users located inside your company or at different locations around the world.
  • You can track and review documents at click of button, and issue the necessary approvals. At same time you can protect the sensitive information through inbuilt security settings.

Featured Services

PaperlessPaper Free Client Files Management System

This solution takes the paper out of the process and allows the counsellor to travel to client sites across Ontario with or without internet access, all while still accessing the client file. The client file is securely stored, synchronized and managed centrally, protecting client data. The data is also protected from editing and deletion and automatically disposed of after a specific duration. Images are easily scanned and added to the document libraries. Files stored in the document libraries may retain multiple versions of the same file and are easily reverted to older versions of the document. Integrated auditing features automatically record viewing, editing, deleting, downloading and searching activities that occur in the system. Click here for more information

Project ManagementLicense/Product Management Solution

This solution takes the mystery out of managing client products and licenses. Do you have equipment on a customer site that you need to manage throughout the year at specific times and dates? This solution is a great example of business process automation that creates specific tasks for employees based on the current state of an item. As a product’s warranty nears expiration, this automated process creates tasks and assigns those tasks to employee(s) with explicit instructions on how to accomplish the task. Once a task is completed, custom logic can update data, email customers and generate documents. This solution also leverages a live connection to Simply Accounting parts lists and customer lists from within the solution.

TimeTime Tracking Solution

This solution allows employees to track the hours spent on different tasks throughout the day.  The solution provides for a mechanism to submit weekly timesheets to the supervisor, who then approves or rejects the timesheet(s).  Each employee has a time bank entry for a time period that contains total vacation time, sick days, holidays etc. allowed for a period.  The solution prevents other employees from seeing other staff timesheets and, once approved, prevents editing of the submitted or approved timesheet by the employee.  Integration with Microsoft Excel allows for reporting and analysis in tools you are familiar with.  Need time data reporting for a particular quarter?  No problem.  In a few clicks, you have the data you need at your fingertips.

Contract BuildingContract Building Solution

This solution allows the user to create templates in Microsoft Word that are used to create specific contract documents. Data fields such as customer name, phone number, address details and primary contact are placed inside the document template along with the regular text. When the template is used to create a new document, these data fields are automatically merged with the new document, rapidly build a new contract document from the template, which can then be modified as necessary. Once the new contract document is approved by management, the system automatically generates a PDF version of the Word document, which is emailed to the employee. Specific document details, such as approved version, approved date and unique document ids are integrated within the contract documents, ensuring the validity of the document version and approval level.