With up to 3 A+, Lenovo and Microsoft certified technicians available, our state of the art service department can easily accommodate up to 12 computers at one time for repair, upgrade or replacement.

Leave your computer with us for a prompt diagnostic, estimate, and flat fee repair or upgrade as authorized; OR make a personal appointment with one of our technicians at our facility or in your home or place of business.

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Our courteous and professional service advisors / sales consultants will assist you in knowing your options, determining the most cost effective options for repairing, upgrading or replacing your computer for your situation and in advising what has or needs to be done.

Whether you purchased your computer from Blackcreek or elsewhere – we can most likely service it or advise on a suitable action plan.

If you have a printer that is not of the “disposable” variety – we offer Printer Service, Cleaning & Repair in our shop or at your site.

Available Services

All repair service engagements start with a System Diagnostic after which we advise or confirm to you the diagnosis and estimated cost of repair. Most of the services listed below are flat fee offerings.

Data Backup to DVD/CD/Hard Drive/Flash Drive
"In Shop" ShadowProtect™ Image Backup of Computer with Archive Storage Subscription incl. After initial purchase and after every shop repair visit, machine independent restore capable backup taken or updated and stored off-line at BCT. Restores free when required due to warranty covered repair.
Data Migration to a New Computer
Includes setting up user profiles and setting up e-mail accounts. It does not include software installations. It does not include installing an OS in any form.
Software Installation
Per title.
Advanced PC Repair
Complex Repair tasks. Virus cleanups that turn into wipe and reloads. Wipe and reloads that also involve hardware repairs. Resolving complex Windows problems where a wipe and reload is not an option.
PC Virus Cleanup
Including install of new or upgraded AV software if necessary (+ license).
Hardware Installation
Including upgraded video cards, additional or bigger hard drives. Replacement motherboards, additional RAM.
Install Operating System
From Scratch. Doesn’t include data transfer, or software install.
Deliver & Setup New Computer
In home setup. Travel charge may be additional. Does not include any preparation to the PC prior to delivery. Does not include connecting existing equipment to the new PC. Additional Options for setup of router or new devices (such as mfp).
Wipe & Reload
Includes backing up customer PC, reinstalling the OS, and then rebuilding the user profiles. Anything hardware-related is extra.
Factory OS Change (Image or Recovery)
Includes changing the OS a new PC shipped with to the other OS it is entitled to have installed upon it.
Vendor Warranty Admin (Complex or Simple)
Facilitating, validating and performing a warranty claim with vendor, and return of product for replacement. Additional shipping charges may apply (depending on the device and vendor policy). May include backing up the device.
PC Tuneup (In the shop, remote, or in your home)
Includes software-related tweeks* to improve performance of a customer's PC. Also includes hardware assessment for upgrade.