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Jonathan Koch, President & General Manager

With 24 years industry experience after graduating from DeVry Institute of Technology, and as one of the original founders of Blackcreek; is responsible for Business Development, Sales, Consulting & Oversight of Managed Services, Outsourced IT and the Networking & System Integration Team.

Richard van Rooyen, Co-owner

After graduating from Lambton College as a Computer Programmer/Analyst – Richard has significant international exposure and experience (including with IBM’s Content Management Center of Excellence and Venetica Corporation of Charlotte N.C.,), Rich is our senior Software Solutions Architect – responsible for software development as well as the Service Team.


Our United States Operations


Blackcreek Technologies LLC
1910 Thomes Ave,
Cheyenne, WY 82001-3527


Blackcreek Technologies LLC
1 Radisson Plaza
Suite 800
New Rochelle, NY 10801